Happy Bitcoin Halving!

It's here.

Coyn Mateer

Happy Bitcoin halving to all!

Today marks the third Bitcoin halving. We are 26 blocks or 3-4 hours away at the time of this writing.

Bitcoin Magazine is celebrating all day with a live stream if you’d like to check it out: here

You can see live blocks being mined: here

The halving is the key driver of bitcoin market cycles and returns and the effects of the event compound over time. Using a simple model you will see the reduced sell-side pressure impact grows from $9M on day one to $900M 100 days from now.

If you hold Bitcoin today you are an early adopter. We have an exciting next 24 months ahead indeed!

To Investors, thank you for your support - we look forward to following the next 210k blocks with you and providing you with insights along the way!

Onward and Upward,